CBD+Venom Relief Cream 2000mg | Travel Size




CBD+Venom Relief Cream 2000mg | Travel Size based topical cream designed for instant all natural pain relief. It infused with the highest quality, snake venom and proprietary ingredients for long lasting pain relief. No THC. Made with cannabidiol oil extracted from the hemp plant. Totally GMO. Relieves, soothes, revitalizes, deep penetrating, quick absorbing, works fast, no cold sensation and no tingling.

GO GREEN CBD + Venom Relief Cream is extracted from industrial hemp and then infused with snake venom. This topical cream can help you fight pain in your entire body with 2000mg of concentrated CBD+Venom medication.

Our CBD + Venom Relief Cream is a dual purpose cream that can help on a safe, non-addictive venom, arthritic pain, nerve pain and sore muscle relief.

The natural CBD extract provides the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) along with the added venoms in this. Its specially formulated inflammation and pain cream from GO GREEN CBD.

Each application allows the natural healing oils from our unique comb to sink deep into your skin and pain receptors.

GO GREEN CBD + Venom Relief Cream 2000 | Travel Size mg is formulated to help pain relief of chronic pain conditions. You can feel the difference immediately after your first application.

It does not numb the skin or cover up pain, but actually goes to work to engage the body’s natural analgesic system. And this block the nerve impulses that cause joint and muscle aches.

If you are in a hurry, or jus traveling, this travel size presentation will be a must in your hand luggage.



CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA)