Delta-8 Mint White Chocolate 400mg


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CBD meets chocolate! Enjoy all the benefits of CBD now in the form of our sweet and succulent Go Green CBD White Mint Chocolate. Our Delta-8 Mint White Chocolate 400mg THC enriched white mint chocolate is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Indulge your taste buds with Delta-8’s Mint White Chocolate! Made with natural, premium ingredients, this delicious treat is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Its rich flavor and smooth texture provide a unique and enjoyable experience with every bite. And the added benefits of Delta-8 make it even more special. Get ready to enjoy a world of pleasure with this guilt-free treat!

Treat yourself with a delicious experience! Delta-8 Mint White Chocolate is the perfect snack for an indulgent night in. Our chocolate is infused with Delta-8 THC and natural mint flavoring to make each bite taste absolutely divine. Get ready for a smooth and creamy texture that will leave you wanting more. With no psychoactive effects, it’s the perfect treat to get your sweet tooth cravings satisfied.



  • Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Delta-8, Cannabidiol, Palm Oil, Cocoa Butter, Non-fat Milk Cream, Whey, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla, Mint Extract.


Net WT:

  • 1.25 oz (35gr)



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