Full Spectrum CBD Focus Tincture – 3000mg




Unlock your potential with our Full Spectrum CBD Focus Tincture – 3000mg. Harness the power of nature to enhance your focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

This premium tincture is carefully crafted from the highest quality full spectrum  oil, offering you the full range of beneficial cannabinoids for maximum effectiveness. Experience a natural boost in productivity and mental performance like never before.


One of the most popular ways to take THC, this sub-lingual oil contains full-spectrum hemp with no more then 0.3% THC. This is made from advanced extraction techniques from both flower and leaves. Our tinctures are made using a blend of cannabinoids, MCT oil, and organic and natural essential oil flavorings.

Increase concentration without opiates or caffeine and naturally improve quality of mind through our Focus formulation.

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Focus Tincture – 3000mg:

A Full Spectrum  Tincture with 3000mg of CBD is formulate to help beautify attention, and appercipient  characteristic. Here are some capacity advantages associate with the usage of a high energy  consciousness tincture:

Enhanced Cognitive Function: CBD may also assist cognitive characteristic with the aid of interacting with the frame’s endocannabinoid gadget, which plays a role in numerous mind methods. It could probably help enhance reminiscence, selection-making, and mental clarity.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction: By lowering stress and anxiety levels, it can create a greater ideal intellectual surroundings for focus and concentration. Many humans locate that excessive stress or anxiety can intrude with their capacity to concentrate on tasks.

Mood Stabilization: CBD may also assist for  stabilize mood and decrease mood swings, selling a extra even-keeled emotional country conducive to cognizance and productivity.

Enhanced Alertness: CBD can certainly increase alertness with out the jittery side results associated with stimulants like caffeine. This alertness may be specially useful for tasks that require help attention.

Reduced Distractions: Some customers of CBD tinctures file that it helps lessen mental distractions, making it simpler to live on venture and preserve a nation of waft for the duration of paintings or examine.

Improved Sleep Patterns: Quality sleep is important for  awareness. CBD may also help regulate sleep patterns, ensur you are reste and alert during the day.

Each 30ml tincture bottle delivers 3000 mg of clean lab-tested/screened industrial hemp oil.

  • 30ml tincture bottle.
  • Comes with 3000 mg of full spectrum industrial hemp oil.


  • Full-spectrum whole-plant hemp oil (contains less than .3% THC)
  • Delta 8
  • Organic MCT oil



CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA)